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2020 Updates

Buzzer is finally fixed. I have updated SoundManager2 to the latest (2017 release).

Last updated 28 Feb 2020.

2019 Updates

This site is now ad-free. There are vestiges of layouts that were previously reserved for adds, but I will get rid of them as time passes.

Sound and buzzers don't work on modern browsers, but I'll get that updated soon too.


Last updated 30 June 2019.


Welcome to JB Games House. This is a website for friends who enjoy playing card games. Here we serve unique card games which can be played online, for free - no strings attached. Most of the card games here originates from Indonesia.

Our house specialty is the game of Truf. Truf is the Indonesian word for English "trump", in the same meaning as when used in the term "trump card" (the word "truf" itself is probably derived from a Dutch word).

We also serve other games, check it out!

Btw - asikabis comes from two Indonesian words, asik (asyik - which means fun) and abis (habis - which means finished / end). Combined together, asikabis means fun till the end --- which certainly is the experience we hope you find here.


Last updated 13 July March 2009.

About Truf

Truf is an exact trick-taking card game.

It is similar to Contract Bridge in the sense that Bridge is also a trick-taking game preceeded by bidding. But that is where the similar ends. One of the most contrasting difference is that Bridge is partner-game, you form partners with the player in front of you, and try to win the most tricks. Truf is a each-person-for-himself game, and partnering is discouraged (to the point that it means cheating).

Truf consist of two phases: bidding phase, and playing/trick-taking phase. During bidding, everyone bets on how much tricks they can take later on. This is called bidding, because the player who bets the highest number of tricks, get the chance to define the trump. After bidding is completed, the trick-taking rounds are started, and each player try to take as many tricks as they have bidded before - no more or no less. At the end of the game, the number of tricks collected from each player is counted, and compared against their original bids, and the scores is calculated based on this - the winner is always the one with the highest bid, and meets their bid, not more, not less.

For a more thorough explanation, please refer to Truf Game Definition. They have written a very clear explanation of how this game works.

However - please note though, every Truf game is different - for rules are determined and agreed by those who are playing. These sets of rules, though similar, is not identical. The rules shown in the external links above is just one of many and by no means standard. JB Games houses Truf game with many different rules for your enjoyment.

Our House Rules

We currently offer two house rules:

They are very similar to each other. House Rule 2 is derived from House Rule 1 and is actually a relaxation of the rules somewhat to allow 2-player games (House Rule 1 requies a minimum of 3 players). It's recommended that you read House Rule 1 first even if you plan to play 2-player games


Rules are enforced by the game engine, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes.

Other games

We also offer games other than Truf, such as:

Forty One

Forty one (aka Empat Satu / 41) is an Indonesian turn-based draw and discard game. The objective of this game is to make your cards have the highest value as possible, in the shortest time (ie, before everybody else), by drawing and discarding cards. Players take turns to draw and discard their cards, and when they think they have reached the best card, they can force to end the game. The winner is those with the highest value cards. For more details, you can read it here.

The Game of Red

The Game of Red (aka Main Merah literally Play Red) is an Indonesian turn-based fishing card game. The objective of this game is collect all the red-colored cards - only red-colored cards have points. At the end of the game, the collected cards are counted for their points. The winner is the one with the highest points. There is no description of this game in, however the one most similar to this game is Chinese Ten.

How to play

Three simple steps to play:

  1. Read and understand the game rules.
  2. If you have a permanent user account, login with your userid and password. Otherwise, just type a nickname and click Enter.
  3. If things suddenly stops working, just refresh your browser (press F5 or Ctrl-F5).

It's that simple.


This website requires only a standard web-browser --- no java, flash, or other plugins / extensions are required. That being said, it also needs a fairly recent ones such as Firefox 2, Opera 9, and IE6 (these are the three browsers tested). Other recent standard-compliant browser may work as well. No support is provided for older browsers such as Netscape 4 or IE5 - they will fail spectacularly.

If you already have Flash, you will hear cue sounds, but otherwise no other parts of the game is affected.

This website is optimised for 1280x800 or above resolutions, and can still be used with fairly well down to 800x600. In lesser resolutions, the layout may be broken somewhat, but the game should still be playable. Viewing in fullscreen (F11 on Firefox/Opera/IE) may improve your experience.

You need to enable javascript and cookies for this website to function properly.

Recommended browser: Mozilla Firefox or if you'd rather have a branded one try this: Microsoft Firefox

Last but most important: you must have friends to play with (or make new ones here if you don't have any). This is an online gaming website for real people --- there are no bots, no AI, no computer player. You play with other real people.


The game engine is cleared and reset every day at 3pm New York time. All the rooms are deleted, and all casual users are removed. If you happen to play around that time, just close your browser and login again.

About myself

One day perhaps I will write about myself. For the time being, just use Google and make your own conclusion.

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